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Ready To Defend Your Due Process Rights In Criminal Defense Cases

Getting arrested is a difficult process. Depending on your circumstances, it can feel threatening, frightening and confusing. Your family relationships, your job or your standing in the community could all be at risk.

At Quackenbush Legal, attorney Alyssa Beard draws upon her experience with the Utah Indigent Defense Commission and the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center and her work with the firm in family law cases to provide a strong, proactive defense for clients. She takes the time to listen to you, investigate all aspects of the charges against you, and craft an effective narrative to counter what the prosecution is saying happened.

Analyzing The Evidence And Discovering Options For Your Issue

Regardless of what you’ve been charged with, attorney Beard examines each aspect of the case against you.

In DUI cases, she will review circumstances under which you were stopped for a sobriety check and how police conducted your field sobriety tests. She can guide you through the administrative driver’s license hearing and fight for you to keep some driving privileges.

In drug crime cases, including possession, she will research the case to determine if your Fourth Amendment rights were violated during the search of your property or person. She will also check to see if the amount of the substance you are charged with possessing is accurate; this is a critical factor in determining the potential sentence you could be facing.

In domestic violence cases, she will review your case to see if there is an explanation for your actions – such as self-defense. She will also seek ways for you to have safe and appropriate contact with your children during the proceedings.

Our firm’s attorney can help you with many other criminal charges, including theft, child abuse, or violation of a protective order. When possible, attorney Beard will also propose options to the prosecution – such as diversion programs or deferred adjudication – for your case that resolve underlying issues without jail time or a conviction on your record.

Has Your Arrest Jeopardized Your Divorce Or Custody Case? We Can Help.

Attorney Beard, like the other attorneys at our firm, has extensive experience in handling divorce, custody and other family law matters. She is skilled at handling family law cases that have a criminal defense component. She understands that one arrest can upset the balance in negotiations related to child support/alimony, parenting time, and the like.

Her approach is to seek a resolution that does not put your relationship with your children at risk. She will strive to keep your family law case and your criminal defense case moving at an appropriate pace, so they do not complicate your situation.

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