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A Helping Hand For Business Formation

Starting your own business can be an exciting prospect, but it is rarely a simple one. When you are eager to get to work, you want to be sure that you are starting your company on the right foot. Instead of doing things on your own and leaving matters to chance, skilled legal guidance will help you pave the way and scout the dangers.

At Quackenbush Legal, PLLC, we have been helping companies in the Murray and Salt Lake City regions of Utah in all of their legal matters for years. Our client-focused team is proud to be able to help our community grow and protect our clients from the legal challenges they may encounter.

Guidance You Can Count On

When you are looking to start your unique business, your attorney should be fluent in the laws surrounding your needs. We can help with business formations for company types such as:

  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • S corps
  • C corps
  • Partnerships
  • Joint ventures
  • Charitable trusts

We can also help you begin a business that not only protects the best interests of yourself and your company but also accounts for the needs and realities of the co-owners. We help clients attend to the important details of operating, shareholder and partnership agreements to clarify roles and anticipate internal disputes. Our goal as your business attorneys is to prevent as many future disputes or issues from happening by creating a strong foundation today. One way we do this is by establishing buy-sell clauses that protect your needs in the event that you should need them.

Get Started On The Right Foot

Starting a business is a big undertaking, but it does not have to be hard. If you a looking for legal guidance in forming your company, contact our committed and experienced team today. Call us at 385-955-5901 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation and take the first step toward the foundation of your company.