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Our Support Team

photo of paralegal Charlotte Bostwick

Charlotte Bostwick


Charlotte was born in St. George, Utah and grew up in both Utah and Idaho, graduating from Blackfoot High School. After attending Utah State University, Charlotte decided to pursue a degree in Paralegal Studies. Charlotte grew up in the home of an attorney and has been involved in the legal field for decades. Her original fascination came from watching her father practice law. Charlotte began her paralegal in her father’s practice while she attended school at Salt Lake Community College. While there she was on the President’s list for all three semesters she attended. She graduated from Salt Lake Community College in 2006 in Paralegal Studies.

Charlotte has been a paralegal for 14 years working in both criminal and family law. For the last eight years her main focus has been family law and she has seen and helped clients with all different types of family law issues. Charlotte’s extensive knowledge of family law is as exceptional support to the attorneys she works with and her experience continues to benefit the clients she works with everyday at Quackenbush Legal.

photo of paralegal Kurt Quackenbush

Kurt Quackenbush


Kurt Quackenbush is a paralegal at Quackenbush Legal. After graduating from BYU, Kurt’s career paths have included working in the 3D design field at General Motors and at electronic entertainment companies such as Sony and EA games. Kurt moved from the design field to work as a teacher in Utah and has worked with students in education for over 11 years. Kurt changed his career focus to the legal field by studying to be a paralegal. Upon receiving his paralegal certification, Kurt began working at Quackenbush Legal and excels at communicating and collaborating with individuals to help build their legal case files.

Photo of Financial Controller Tami Savage

Tami Savage

Financial Controller

Tami was born and raised in Oregon but relocated to Utah in 2005 to be closer to her family and has remained in the Greater Salt Lake region since. Although she misses seeing the ocean on a regular basis, she has embraced Utah as her home and loves taking advantage of the many outdoor activities and adventures available here.
Tami obtained an Associate degree in Sociology in 2008, which has aided her throughout her career in account management, marketing, sales, and project management. As the firm’s Financial Controller, Tami focuses on making sure client needs are met and understood by each department within the firm. She serves as the primary contact person for many client services endeavors and seeks to ensure clients are experiencing a positive client-company relationship. Additionally, Tami oversees all aspects of billing support to the firm. Tami is incredibly empathetic and is strongly solution-oriented, which makes her an asset to both the Quackenbush Legal team and our clients.
Photo of Legal Assistant Sabrina Sanchez

Sabrina Sanchez

Legal assistant

Sabrina Sanchez is a legal assistant at Quackenbush Legal, utilizing her unique blend of skills and experience to provide exceptional service to her clients. Born and raised in Utah, Sabrina has a deep appreciation for her community and is committed to making a positive impact through her work. Before transitioning into the legal field, Sabrina worked for 7 years in the medical industry, developing a wealth of knowledge and expertise that she now applies in her work at Quackenbush Legal.
Sabrina’s educational background includes a major in Psychology and a minor in Legal Studies from the University of Utah. In addition to her professional and educational achievements, Sabrina is an avid traveler and music enthusiast. Her love of exploration has taken her to various destinations around the world, where she has gained invaluable cultural experiences.
Photo of Legal Assistant Valyn Baxter

Valyn Baxter

Legal Assistant

Valyn Baxter is a legal assistant at Quackenbush Legal. Valyn was born and raised in Utah and is passionate about the law. After receiving her Paralegal Certificate, Valyn started working in family law, where she quickly gained experience and developed her skills. Currently, Valyn is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a minor in legal studies. Her academic achievements include being a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the National Society of Leadership and Success, demonstrating her commitment to excellence in her studies.
Prior to transitioning to law, Valyn worked as a mechanic for three years, where she developed her problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Valyn’s diverse background has given her a unique perspective and a broad range of skills that she applies to her work every day. Outside of work and studies, Valyn enjoys the creative arts and prefers to stay busy by creating art pieces in her personal life. Her passion for creativity and attention to detail are reflected in her work, making her an invaluable member of the Quackenbush Legal team.
Photo of Legal Assistant Lexi Stuart

Lexi Stuart

Legal Assistant

Lexi is a Legal Assistant at Quackenbush Legal. She joined the team in 2022, after studying at SLCC and working at a mediation firm specializing in Family Law. Lexi enjoys solving complex problems and helping her clients and colleagues get to the best possible outcome. Lexi was born and raised in Utah, where she currently lives with her partner and 3 dogs. She is excited to welcome her first child in November 2023. When not working, Lexi loves to cook, listen to true crime podcasts, spend time with her family, and go on outdoor adventures
Photo of Front Desk Receptionist Elyssa Childs

Elyssa Childs

Front Desk Receptionist

Ely Childs is the Front Desk Receptionist at Quackenbush Legal. As the first point of contact for the firm, Ely strives to build quality working relationships with clients and other legal professionals. She has years of administrative and customer service experience and has a strong passion to make others feel heard and understood.
Ely was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada with her father and two younger brothers. In 2019 she graduated high school with Advanced Honors, ranking in the top 10% of her class. She moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in 2022 and has never felt more at home. Ely grew up watching her grandmother practice law as a District Attorney and is excited to see where this career path takes her. Ely is currently completing training to become a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for the State of Utah and was recently appointed a Notary Public for the State of Utah.