Business Law and Litigation

Business law includes the formation of businesses as well as litigation if a legal matter needs to go to court.  Sometimes it is a breach of contract action; other times it is a suit against a manager, board member, officer or someone else within the company that has harmed the business; other times it is a business suing or defending against a lawsuit.  There are times when individuals or businesses find themselves facing legal issues and need an experienced business lawyer to aggressively pursue their rights in court. Devin W. Quackenbush is an Orem, Utah business lawyer who gives clients informed legal counseling and advice to help companies and individuals with their legal issues in all metropolitan and rural  areas of Utah and Idaho. 

If a business law matter needs to be litigated, Devin W. Quackenbush can evaluate the case and provide a no-nonsense approach to fight for you in court.  Devin has a proven track record in court and is willing to aggressively pursue your rights. Litigation can be complicated and stressful for businesses and individuals and Devin Quackenbush provides the information and explanations regarding the legal theories, procedures and strategies that his clients have come to appreciate and often don't find at other firms. Contact Devin's Orem, Utah office today!

The Law Office of Devin W. Quackenbush, PLLC enjoys a reputation for excellence in resolving high-stakes legal disputes in Utah and Idaho.  Devin has represented significant corporations across the country. For that reason, insurance adjusters, in-house counsel and corporations entrust their matters to Devin Quackenbush. Companies and individuals need an attorney who will aggressively fight for their rights and Devin Quackenbush has proven his dedication to his clients in this regard.

Devin's successful trial practice compliments his practices in litigation, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution.  This provides a broad range of tools available to his clients. 

Devin's business law and litigation practice includes the following:

  • Business Formation

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Contract Drafting

  • Business Litigation

  • Worker's Compensation

  • Contract Disputes

  • Products Liability

  • Insurance Claims

  • Employment Litigation

  • Real Estate Issues

  • Home/Building Construction Defect Claims

  • Collections

The Law Office of Devin W. Quackenbush, PLLC is located in Orem, Utah and serves all areas of Utah and Idaho, including Salt Lake City, Provo, Park City, St. George, Cache Valley, Davis County, Weber County, Box Elder County, Millard County, Boise, Ada County, Pocatello, and more.